My Experience interning at the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa – Canada

I got to participate in so many amazing programs thanks to the University of Michigan. The first program I ever took part in was the Canadian Parliament Program my sophomore year. I spent five weeks as an intern for the office of a Member of Parliament in Ottawa, Canada. If you want to learn more about my experience and what it was like to intern in a Canadian MP office.


           Interning at the Canadian Parliament was an amazing experience. It is not something that I would want to do with my life but it is a valuable experience that I enjoyed doing.

I am not going to lie. I interned with a Member of Parliament that had different political views than me but let me tell you something: You can learn so much more and do such a good job by working for someone who thinks differently or the opposite of you.

Interning in college can be scary. Are we actually get some work to do or are we just going to be asked to make coffee, stuff envelopes and answer e-mails? Well let me tell you something: YES you will do all of that… But hopefully, you will also do more. As an intern, you do some of the more boring/administrative work but it is skills that you need to have. Trust me it is important work, even if it does not seems like it.

Luckily, I got the chance to do so much more during this internship. I wrote a lot of speeches on various topics almost every day and one of the benefits of working for someone who was from a different political party was that I knew how the opposition would react and I could research and find answers to all the arguments that the opposition would give. I could find better argument because I knew what the other side would think or say. I think that when you are looking for an internship you have to separate your personal views, from your work. This is not what you will be doing all your life. This is an experience and you will learn a lot no matter if you agree or not with your internship position.


This internship was one of my favorites so far because I got to write a lot, research a lot of legal matter to create a possible bill, got to meet with the Parliament’s lawyers, went to a loooooot of meetings and therefore met a lot of members of parliament and yes got to see Prime Minister Trudeau a few times.

Interning abroad is always interesting because in addition to get internship/professional experience (and college credits) you get to discover a new country, its culture, its food (Poutine, I am talking about you) and have a ton of fun. So while in Ottawa I got to visit the Parliament, go to the children’s museum (I will admit that it was my favorite thing ever!!!) Spend a weekend in Montreal, go to a soccer game, visit the WW2 museum? go to the Canadian supreme court, the library? And so much more.

If you ever hesitate to take part in a program at your school/college/university… DON’T!! 

DO IT!!! Every experience is good to take, good and bad and most likely it will be an amazing one so go for it.




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