Gap Year : My Experience – Part 2

After changing host family my gap year in Texas got a whole lot better!!! I moved just before Thanksgiving weekend and went to San Antonio with my host family to have a family Thanksgiving. I had the best time ever, We went on the river walk and took a boat ride on the river. We went and visited the Alamo. And of course, I ate a ton of food !!!!

Eventually, by mid-February, my “host sister” from Taiwan who was with me in my first host family also changed host family and we were back to living together. I won’t share what happened or why she moved it is her own story and own experience and it is not my place to share it.

All seemed w lol and I was having a blast!! I went to California for Spring break, came back and went to the Houston Rodeo and celebrated my 19th birthday with my friend and host family who had organized a surprise birthday party for me. School was going well and everything was perfect.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of April, My host mom (and English teacher) got fired. I believe that the school did not appreciate the fact that she helped me, and three other girl change host family, be happy and have a great experience. The school had picked our host families and were related to them and did not like that we all were uncomfortable in these families and that she helped us change host families. As this happened, all 4 of us exchange students decided to leave too. As an exchange student, you have to be in school to stay in the United States so we had to find a new high school.

My host family contacted our host dad high school and after meeting with them that agreed to take us even though it was really late in the school year. They wanted us to have the best experience we could in the US. I had an amazing time at my new school, professors and students were so nice. I got to go to prom with my friends and make great memories.

The end of my year came way too fast. Saying goodbye was hard and going home was bittersweet. My year in Houston Texas was changed by two amazing people who decided to take me in and make sure that I had the best time ever during my year in Texas. I met incredible people and did amazing things. This experience was by far one my favorite ever. I am so happy that I can call Houston, TX home and call them my family that I still go back to visit every year.

MaryBeth & William Thank you for taking me in and giving me the best year ever!! I will never forget how much you helped me. I love you.

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